Maximum safety for people and equipment!

You want the best safety precautions for your personnel, especially for the lone workers. X-Guard provides security systems that make ensure safety for lone workers in industrial, healthcare and retail environments. Furthermore we provide tracking systems for all your vehicles and objects. With these you guarantee maximum safety for yourself, your personnel and your equipment.

X-Guard Mobile Alarm

Watch the video below to get a good understanding of our unique concept.


Emergency services, like police, ask for a verified location. Positioning from GPS (Global Positioning System) alone is not always accurate enough. This is why our product also use IPS (Indoor Positioning Systeem). IPS uses beacons instead of satellites.

Our products use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE or ZigBee beacons.

At each location we determine whether there is sufficient coverage and or if more beacons should be added, so your staff will be traceable at chamber level. We map all the necessary knowledge about your work locations in our own software platform SmartTracker. The combination of the platform and our reliable products will provide a verified location. Guaranteed!

During an alarm, it is quite possible that you are at an unfamiliar address for the monitoring centre. By sharing My-Agenda once, the correct address will be displayed at the monitoring centre.

Monitoring centre and follow-up

X-Guard distinguishes itself by offering different subscriptions, including specialized monitoring centres and follow-up. The subscriptions Base, On Route or Base + On Route could be delivered in combination with our personal security units and the subscriptions Secure or Secure Monitoring could be delivered in combination with our Track & Trace units.
Using our monitoring system Quick Response these monitoring centres are directing follow-up or emergency services. The monitoring centres and follow-up services of Quick Response focus on preventive handling. For example, users are trained to make an alarm when they feel unsafe. The nearest security guard will immediately be send on site. In case of escalation the right help will immediately be send on site.